1. You are free to do everything! BUT


2. The following points offer an instruction to ensure a common style so it will be recognized as one project.


3. At the end of the list you'll find documents in different arrangements to download. They already include the Logo of Printemps des poètes 09.


4. The dummies are Word-Documents (Open-Office will work with it, too).


5. In every document you find a certain area to fill it with the words you want to spread.


6. Print and make copys (a cheap and adequate copyshop is "Kopierladen Berlin" >>> ask the net)


7. Cut the stripes.


8. Place the papers at traffic lights...


9. If there're still some questions feel free to contact one of the adresses listed under "contact"


THE DOCUMENTS (just click the image)

the thumbnails shows the reading direction


Size A4






aktuellste infos, bilder, ankündigungen unter www.wamsganz.blogspot.com