stop for poetry, create a poem, the city needs it -


grey and dirty, waste and cars, the city is a sad place sometimes; but thats no reason to break down and cry, lets rather get together and stand up to spread a paper with letters with your thoughts and emotions, with that kind of magic in your live, and put it on the traffic lights, lets stopforpoetry -

the action will be documented by photo and shown on the website. you can also perform your poem in spoken words standing beside your paper.


in march 2010 stopforpoetry will be a member of printempsdespoetes-berlin as it was last year, when printempsdespoetes-berlin09 had taken place in berlin, and this time there will be poetry-performances as well. activists will put their papers with poems on the traffic lights und recite those lyrics from 12th to 19th march, and on friday, 19th march, 4 pm, there will be a multilingual reading on crossroads brunnenstraße/bernauerstraße - for participation you should use the especially designed notepaper and contact us. don't be shy to come and watch us and join our intitiative. so the streets will be affected and stopforpoetry won't stop.


stopforpoetry is an initiative of Tina Wamsganz and Anders A. Bachmann for everyone who wants to take part, take part, the city needs you!!!



>>> how to do <<< here you get the stopforpoetry-dummie-documents


at wamsganz.blogspot.com you'll find a documentation.